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Profile Projectors and Measuring Optical System

Profile Projectors and Measuring Optical System

Profile Projectors and Measuring Optical System

At the beginning of the 1990s, LTF SpA took over from an important American aerospace company, Pratt&Whitney, a branch of an Italian company controlled by the same company with related brand and know-how, MICROTECNICA, for the production of profile projectors and optical systems of measurement. The Microtecnica name has been inseparably bound to profile projectors for over 70 years. In fact in 1940 the first Microtecnica profile projector was supplied to M/s Grandi Motori – company belonging to the FIAT group, manufacturing, among others, marine engines. After that first reference more than 10.000 Microtecnica profile projectors have been supplied in over 50 countries, distinguishing for their reliability and high precision in both optical and mechanical parts as a result of Microtecnica high technology production in aeronautic and aerospace sectors.

Manufacturing peculiarities of Microtecnica profile projectors
The design and the manufacturing process of both lenses and mirrors, which are the heart of the profile projectors, are made through dedicated optical calculations and very sophisticated equipment granting the state of the art for these kinds of instruments. The result is manufacturing lenses and mirrors of highest resolution, brightness and providing the following accuracies: Optical distortion up to 0,02% over the whole screen , measuring uncertainty on the whole field of the worktable displacements up to: +/- (2,5+L/100 )= μm.
Due to their supremacy, Microtecnica in 1954 became the FIRST manufacturer in the world to produce a profile projector with a 1.000 mm diameter screen; just recently LTF have launched the new Microtecnica Model Maximus 1.5 with 1.500 mm screen diameter on the international market. A second benchmark of Microtecnica leadership concerns the worktable positioned at the side in an angular and convenient position to the projection screen. This ergonomic design, another Microtecnica primacy, makes the checking operations extremely convenient, reduces the operator strain and the possibility of human error on large size models.

Experience is a guarantee of competence
This axiom matches the Microtecnica name which has marked the history of profile projectors. LTF is constantly applying this important experience by means of their production facilities duly certified
ISO 9001:2015.
The manufacturing, assembly, development and testing of all the Microtecnica models that LTF sells in over 50 countries take place at the LTF factories in Antegnate (Bergamo), which occupy an area of 55,000 m2.

The production range can be summarized as follows:

  • 2D optical system
  • Bench top profile projectors
  • Medium/high range profile projectors
  • Large size profile projectors
  • Accessories for profile projectors
  • Digital height measuring