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Universal Grinders and Hydraulic Surface Grinders

LA PRORA company was established in 1949 and started with manufacturing of electric motors
suitable for different applications.
In the late 50s, the company designed the first grinding machine, “BETA 150”, for lathe tools, which was applied into several fields. This event led to the further Company’s
development and to the improvement of the machine range, with the new designed grinding machines: Universal Beta U10, Beta U20 and, upon market demand, BETA U40.
During the middle of the 60s the range of grinding machines was completed by model BETA U50, followed by its hydraulic version (model RI)
Over the 80s the market was demanding more sophisticated grinding machines, able to produce and to grind tools automatically: it was therefore necessary for LA PRORA to meet
with the customers’ needs. For this reason, the first two CNC models were designed and developed: Models BETA U50/CN and U50/CNC.
These machines have been discontinued and replaced in 1995 by current BETA U95/CNC (with its versions 2-3-4 axes) and, in the late 90s, by BETA U320/CNC, which remains the
top grinding machine, able to manage 5 axis and suitable for the manufacturing and grinding different kind of tools.
LA PRORA trade mark and the related production line of grinding machines were taken over by LTF Spa, which is able to offer the best know-how, spare parts and assistance for
any machines. Future projects will be devoted to technical improvement and update, in order to meet with the increasing market demand and technological innovations.