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Anchoring and Lifting Systems

The LTF represents in Italy the Murtra SA company leader in lifting and anchoring systems.
Murtra SA incorporates dynamic systems to quickly respond to the various of customers needs. At the same time, with a modern laboratory it guarantees quality according to ISO 9001. To achieve the maximum reliability, every variables is taken under consideration according to the specifications of each product and customer. In a European and global context every day more open to new opportunities, INDUSTRIAS MURTRA SA has clearly confirmed its international vocation. More than 50% of its production is exported to over 50 countries in 5 continents. This has been achieved by improving the structure of production, the quality and adapting its products in any specific market.
INDUSTRIAS MURTRA SA is present on the textile market since 1897. During this long period, technical development, manufacture and marketing of rigid textile tapes was the main activity. In addition, between 1976 and 1982 the lifting slings and polypropylene multifilament yarn were incorporated into the production with excellent results. The company has always looked towards the future investing in cutting-edge technology, pursuing quality, improving production processes.